Program details

Training will include x5 sessions 90 mins each, delivered through zoom. Sessions will be run interactively to maximise opportunity for peer-learning.

  • This training is for those new to management, mid-level managers and those managing large teams!

  • Red Team Circles of Competence covered in the training: Leading & Empowering Teams, Meetings Management, People Management, Making Better Decisions.

  • Sample topics: how to design cadences, meetings management, managing team dysfunctions, giving feedback, performance management.

How to book your seats?

You can enrol your team members into the program by clicking the "Request an Invoice" button below and completing the order form. Alternatively, you can also reserve your seats instantly by clicking on the "Book Now" option.

You're in good company

Our cohort includes managers of


  • How much does Red Team membership cost?

    Our programs are annual membership, payable at £300 per month or annually for £3000 (Save 2 months of membership fee with the annual plan). Cancel renewal at any time. If you're interested to pay via invoice, please contact

  • What do I get with my membership?

    Membership includes access to 20 Live cohort-based sessions per annum along with exclusive access to our Teaching to Teach program, ongoing access to content from all programs on your Learning Wallet, and a community of experienced peers to help you execute what you learn.

  • Can I pay for my membership via Invoice?

    Yes. Please reach out to for assistance.

  • What is the cancellation policy?

    You can cancel your annual membership renewals at any time. Your monthly membership renewal can also be cancelled at any time. Please remember your monthly membership plan is on an annual commitment.

  • How do I get help if I'm stuck anywhere?

    Just drop an email to if you face any issues while accessing our sessions or content and we'll get back to you.